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OG Kush (Indica)

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OG Kush builds up the genetic backbone of West Coast cannabis diversity, but in spite of its ubiquity, its genetic starts stays a mystery. This famed strain came in Los Angeles in 1995 after being transplant coast-to-coast from Florida by its authentic propagators (now known as Imperial Genetics), along with “The Bubba,” which gave way to Bubba Kush. There are many distinct phenotypes of OG Kush, some of which include Tahoe OG, SFV OG, Ghost OG, and Diablo OG.

OG Kush is cherished for its capacity to crush stress under the load of its massive euphoria. It takes an earthy pine and sour lemon smell with woody undertones, an aroma that has become the signature of OG Kush diversity and descendants

Half Ounce – $150
1 Ounce – $280
Quarter Pound – $700
Half Pound – $1000
Pound – $1500


OG Kush Weed For Sale

A strain that needs little introduction to most, OG Kush is one of the most widely distributed strains in the US and perhaps the most recognizable cannabis strain in the world. Buy OG Kush Weed

As for it’s make-up, OG Kush is, for the most part, a true hybrid but may lean slightly Indica or Sativa depending on how precisely its bred.

The consequences you’ll notice are more cerebral than body and will provide strong affection of euphoria. It’s most at times known as a very happy high but with the happiness comes a heavy “couchlock” especially for novice users or when consumed in high doses.

The strain does keep a good body numbing consequence that can alleviate body ailments. Many users use it as night time medication or in the evenings due to the powerful, sleepy, trance-like high.

As an effect of the euphoric properties of OG Kush’s ‘high’ it’s at times used to aid with misery and bipolar disorders. Those suffering from extreme stress, anxiety and anger management issues due to a depression-related disorder such as PTSD can find balance and peace under the influence of this strain.

Some choose to use it to cope with their nausea and stomach disorders; or to alleviate chronic aches and pains. Sufferers of Alzheimer’s also make OG Kush their strain of choice. Though there are users that report having headaches from OG Kush others use it to actually ease their chronic headaches and/or migraines. It is also used to help patients suffering from nervous conditions.


Though the exact genetics of OG Kush are not known, many people agree that OG stands for Ocean Grown because of it’s origins in southern California. Previous speculations on the meaning of OG include it being a memorial to or that it stood for Original Gangster, another cannabis strain from San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.

Most people agree that it is derived from the Chemdawg strain with some breeders also mixing in Hindu Kush. Some claim a female Chemdawg was crossed with a male that was a mix of Lemon Thai and Old World Pakistani Kush. And others say that OG Kush is just a cut from a true Chemdawg plant in the early nineties.

As with its parent strain Chemdawg, OG Kush is known to be quite difficult to grow and often produces substantially lower than average yields for those less experienced.

As such this strain grows better indoors in a controlled environment with a temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants of this strain flower in 8 to 9 weeks.

OG Kush Growers

The plants grow to between 70 and 100 centimeters tall and yields are normally around 50 to 60 grams per square meter (however, some advanced growers using proprietary and/or confidential techniques have been shown to yield up to 400 grams per square meter).

Properly grown OG Kush is almost neon green when fully dried. The buds come out extremely dense, sticky, and covered in crystals.

Half Ounce – $150
1 Ounce – $280
Quarter Pound – $700
Half Pound – $1000
Pound – $1500


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